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n+GaN Source/Drain epitaxy service, selective regrowth



n+-GaN S/D Epitaxy Service

n+-GaN selective regrowth



n+-GaN selective regrowth


· Source/Drain selective area regrowth by using MBE

· In-Situ surface cleaning

· Low Temp. Regrowth (~700℃)

· High Doping Concentration (n=5.0e19~1.0e20/cm3)

· 2DEG Side-Wall Contact with Regrowth n+-GaN Epitaxially

· 100㎜-150㎜-200㎜ Si and SiC Availible



n+-GaN regrowth service structure


This is a high-qulity epitaxy service aimed at reduce the Ohmic Contact Resistance of GaN components. Our n+GaN selective regrowth service, offered by IVWorks, utilizes MBE systems to accommodate sizes of up to 200mm and allows for S/D selective area regrowth.



Advantage and Feature


<n+-GaN Selective Regrowth>

· Source/Drain Area Regrowth @ Low Temperature

· n+-type 1.0E20cm-3 Doping Concentraion

· low Rc~0.1Ω㎜ secured for various customers requirements

· Stable production based on large production system




Feature of n+-GaN Regrowth service flow

The service flow involves the customer etching our AlN HEMT epiwafer or commercial epiwafer and then returning it to us for n+-GaN growth. We then proceed with the n+-GaN growth.