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IVWorks supports its members so that they can focus on their work and grow.


Environment in which members grow together

The members of IVWorks personally experience and observe the company’s growth stages from a startup to a stable company. IVWorks supports the constant growth of the individual members who develop the company’s capabilities.



Ability-oriented reward system

We believe evaluating the abilities of the members is important rather than a standardized reward system according to positions. It is only natural to provide appropriate rewards for the work performed.



Value of happiness and focus on work

There are many important things other than the company in the world. People who do not neglect the happiness of their families and can focus on the company better.



Respect for personal life

We respect and support the happy life of individual members. We spend a lot of time together and strive to share joy and grief with each other.


“I was not familiar with the field of epitaxial growth but thought the advantage and sense of achievement from successful development would be great. That’s probably why I wanted to become part of the company.”

Byungeun Park,
Epitaxial Growth Team engineer

“I want to become a member who is better this year than the last year and continues to grow in the upcoming years.”

Youngjin Song,
Strategy Planning Team Leader

“This is a place where working smart is better than working hard!”

Yoonseo Cho,
Marketing Assistant Manager

“I will wait for future co-workers at IVWorks.”

Seoyeon Kim,
Finance & Accounting Assistant Manager

“I learn a lot from my colleagues who are outstanding experts with domain knowledge in their areas.”

Semin Kim,
HR & General Affairs Team Leader

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