IVWorks’ cutting-edge
technology at a glance

  • Intellectual Epi House

  • IVWorks’ advanced intelligent material
    technology implementation

    Our deep-learning-algorithm–based one-step intelligent production system includes customized epitaxial structure suggestion, real-time growth monitoring, and quality inspection to provide GaN epitaxy solutions that were not available in the past.

  • Found new Value of GaN

    Found new Value of GaN

  • GaN technology competitiveness for future industries such as 5G mobile communications, electric cars, autonomous driving, and wireless communication

    We have prepared for the time in which the value of GaN, an essential element required in high value-added future industries, will be acknowledged. We explore the full-scale GaN market with our innovative production technology and combine material growth and artificial intelligence to enhance our distinctive epitaxy capabilities that can strengthen our technological competitiveness.

It Works Perfectly

First Korean GaN epitaxy wafer supplier

Epitaxial growth needs to be controlled at the atomic level and requires very high technical skills. We produce globally accepted high-quality GaN epiwafers based on our production know-how, a variety of condition data, and distinctive technical skills that have been accumulated over the years. As digital conversion using compound semiconductors is promoted, we have been acknowledged as a high-tech innovative company that can provide cutting-edge WBG epitaxial wafers and wafer services.


Global No.1 GaN
Epiwafer Specialist

IVWorks strives to become a uniquely innovative company with eco-friendly and revolutionary intelligent production and material technologies.

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

IVWorks develops and fabricates next-generation semiconductor material that can meet the global energy-saving requirements.

IVWorks implements and utilizes highly efficient, eco-friendly and low-carbon emission manufacturing process by developing our own equipment.

Cost Effective, Productive, Patented

IVWorks secures excellent product quality and price competitiveness based on its technological advantages.

Revolutionary AI technology

IVWorks presents the world’s first artificial intelligence epitaxy platform that can maximize productivity.

Satisfying the
World’s Energy-Saving Needs

IVWorks develops and fabricates next-generation semiconductor material that can meet the global energy-saving requirements.

Field of business

Gallium Nitride Epitaxial wafers

IVWorks manufactures gallium nitride epiwafers.

DC/RF power GaN Epiwafer DC/RF power GaN Epiwafer



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