Outstanding colleagues work
together at IVWorks


We present a new future in the material industry

  • Young-Kyun Noh

    Founder, President
    & CEO

  • Pil-Geon Seo

    Senior Vice President
    & COO

  • Hong-Kyun Noh

    & Artificial Intelligence Team leader

  • Dong-Hee Shin

    & Epi Growth Team leader

  • Young-Jin Song

    & Strategy-Planning Team leader

  • Sung-Kwon Ko

    & Financial-Accounting Team leader



We enjoy our work and deliver
outstanding results

We are good at producing results through collaboration. We emphasize the meaningfulness of work and inspire each other.

  • Epitaxy Team

    Our epitaxial growth team consists of skilled engineers who oversee the first Korean GaN epiwafer production line and create globally accepted high-quality GaN epiwafers. We also actively participate in epitaxial growth expert training and technology development through constant technology advancement.

  • QC Team

    Our measurement/analysis team determines whether criteria suitable for customers’ requests including the crystal growth shapes of grown GaN epiwafers are met. Only the products that pass our quality inspection process, which consists of over 10 steps conducted by the analysis evaluation team, can be delivered to our customers under the name of IVWorks.

  • AI Manufacturing Team

    Our AI team supports DOMM™, the artificial intelligence epitaxy system that collects, analyzes, and predicts data generated in the growth process in real time and carries out artificial intelligence algorithm research for machine learning research and development, system construction, and compound semiconductor growth.

  • Management Team

    The management team comprises experts in planning, HR, finance, and promotion and establishes the company’s visions and strategies to effectively carry out tasks with various interested parties such as our employees, shareholders, and business partners and support organizational management and business activities accordingly.

“We identify the requirements of other teams and suggest “how about we try this?”
instead of relying on the capability of someone. This is probably why the company has grown so rapidly.”
Soojeong Cheo, Artificial Intelligence Team engineer

Marketing Assistant Manager

Soojeong Cheo

“I have grown so much while experiencing various tasks.
The company is not the only entity that grows here.”
Jiuen Sung, Finance Team member

Finance Team member,

Jiuen Sung

“Need an opinion? We prefer a real meeting where everyone
participates when needed instead of a meeting that produces nothing.”

Epitaxial Growth Team Engineer,

Choongho Lee

“Any member here is good at producing results through collaboration.
Isn’t this why IVWorks has its special color?”
Hyesoo Kang, Analysis Evaluation engineer

Analysis Evaluation Enginee,

Hyesoo Kang