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DC Power GaN Epiwafer

DC-DC Converter, AC/DC Converter & Inverter, Switch, Field Effect Transistor etc.

Up to 200mm

GaN on Si

Up to 200mm

GaN on Si

GaN on Si Applications


Data Server

Wireless power transmission

Wireless Charging


Product design


Pre-treatment process

Remove the natural oxide film formed on the substrate surface


Stress relaxation layer

Grow a stress relaxation layer for preventing cracks on the epitaxial layer


Semi-insulating layer

Growth of layer that reduces the leakage current flowing toward the substrate when the electronic device is operated


High quality GaN

Grow a layer that becomes the passage through which current flows when the electronic device operates


Heterojunction layer

Grow a layer in which the structure of the electronic device is constructed

Structure and specification

Parameter Typical Date Measurement
Barrier Thickness 26nm±1nm Mecury probe or TEM
Barrier Composition 23%±1% X-ray diffractometer
Total Thickness Uniformity <±2% Reflectometer
Wafer Bow <±20㎛ Stress gauge
2DEG Mobility 1,700~2,000㎠/Vs Hall
2DEG Density <0.6~1.2 x. 1013/㎠
Sheet Resistivity <<450 Ohm / sq. Eddy current
Layer Typical Date Measurement
Cap GaN 2nm Thickness can be customized
Barrier AlGaN(23%) AlN 25nm, 1nm Thickness and composition can be customized
GaN Channel High quality GaN 190nm Thickness can be customized
Buffer uid-AlGaN
Al(Ga)N multi-layer
1.00 ,0.5㎛ ~ 1.5㎛ Thickness and composition can be customized
Substrate Silicon 500㎛ ~ 1,000㎛ 4inch~8inch (110),(111)
High resistivity or Low resistivity
SiC 500㎛ 4inch, 6inch
4H or 6H Semi-insulating

Product features

IVWorks has an advantage in the digital conversion flow for material development with its eco-friendly
automation techniques using artificial intelligence thus increasing product quality and productivity.


Productivity improvement


Product quality consistency


Eco-friendly material technology application


Streamlined manufacturing process


Global leading company in compound semiconductors


  • How long does epitaxial growth take?

    The development process for all products of IVWorks begins after a sufficient preliminary agreement is made in accordance with thin-film device characteristics requested by customers. Each product is customized to meet customer requirements. Therefore, the process periods may vary depending on the customer requirements.

  • How do customers purchase products?

    Anyone who wishes to purchase our products or receive estimates can fill out the form below, and our engineers will contact you within 1-3 days.

  • Where can I check product prices?

    All products are customized in accordance with customer requirements, so different products have different prices. The final price is determined based on our internal price guideline and engineers’ examinations.

  • How can I know if the wafers I received meet the requirements I submitted?

    The crystalline property, surface resistance, electrical characteristics, etc. of grown GaN epiwafers are meticulously checked using OM, SEM, AFM, etc. before delivering epiwafers to the customers. Each customer is provided with the data collected in the process.

  • I would like to propose a technological business agreement.

    Contact us via the contact information below for technological business agreements and business inquiries, and we will review them and get back to you. Inquiries on technological business agreements with IVWorks.

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