Artificial Intelligence-Based High-efficiency
Molecular Synthesis Control System

We realize a unique intelligent GaN factory beyond simple production automation.

Start your DOMM™ AI

The world’s first ‘artificial intelligence high-efficiency molecule synthesis control system’ of IVWorks is superior in the digital conversion flow for material development and has been increasing the productivity and completeness of products. Experience the distinguished ‘epiwafer foundry services’ of IVWorks resulting from the advanced automated system. The ‘AI Epitaxy Platform DOMM™’ which monitors epitaxial growth based on deep learning algorithms now expands the base of the technology as one-step intelligent epiwafer services beyond productivity improvement.

Start your DOMM™ AI

All automation of GaN epiwafer production

  • Customized epitaxial structure suggestion

    DOMM™ AI suggests customized epitaxial structures that are the most suitable for the device characteristics requested by customers based on the latest analysis prediction models that are trained with a variety of accumulated data. Once the customer’s device characteristics are input into the DOMM™ AI cloud platform, a GaN epiwafer technology solution derived based on the data can be quickly provided.

  • Real-time epitaxial growth

    The growth process of ordered GaN epiwafers can be observed in real time on the DOMM™ AI cloud platform. The RHEED shown on the platform represents information of the crystal structure that is actually being grown on the substrate. The customer can monitor the entire process of the epitaxial growth stages here.

  • A to Z management of production processes

    DOMM™ AI is present from the start of GaN epiwafer production until the end. DOMMTM manages from A to Z of the production processes for convenient epitaxy services including which process stage the wafer that the customer ordered is now undergoing and the expected delivery date.

Preview of the real-time epitaxial growth process



One-step Intelligence

We plan to develop AI epiwafer services that maximize accuracy and eliminate even minor errors to improve user convenience
to perfectly handle the epiwafer structures requested by customers.