Purchasing from IVWorks
: A Compelling Choice

Why choose IVWorks?

IVWorks is advancing the quality and productivity of our products with the introduction of the world's first Artificial Intelligence 'Molecular Synthesis Control System.' Our commitment extends throughout a meticulous process, from customized epitope structure proposals to real-time atomic layer monitoring during growth, automatic response to emergencies, real-time data analysis, and wafer quality prediction. We emphasize our dedication to providing high-quality products at reasonable prices and invite you to firsthand experience the practical solutions offered by IVWorks.

  • 1. Epi structure design

    Through the WIZDOMM website, you can tailor your own Epi structure by fine-tuning detailed option values.

  • 2. Check the price

    With just a few clicks, easily check the cost for the desired structure without the worry of signing up or data leakage.

  • 3. discuss with engineer

    For further inquiries or discussions before purchasing our products, you can consult with our dedicated engineers.

  • 4. Purchase

    Experience our high-quality products!